Saturday, 8 September 2012

Where To Get Best Judge Dredd Costumes?

It'll soon be Christmas (trust me - time flies) so then it'l be New Years Eve (trust me - I know about these things). New Years Eve means fancy dress parties and for me it'll be Judge Dredd (Judge Anderson when I'm hone alone but that's another story...).

Looking to get the most authentic Dredd costumes? I love the stuff Planet Replica make although it might be a little pricey for a night out on the lash.

They do the most amazing stuff (no, I am not affiliated with these guys - just a fan) with a complete Judge Dredd outfit setting you back 3000 million creds (or £1,995.00 in UK money) (plus you'll need to tip a delivery droid some extra creds).

An authentic Dredd Helmet (possibly makes the ultimate ashtray if turned upside down) comes in at less than 300 quid while a cool Law Giver (please do not attempt to rob your local post office with this) costs just £95.
lawgiver gun

Perhaps most exciting of all al the customised Judges name badges which are a snip at £60.00

Judge Dredd Badges

 - now at last you too can bring justice to your hood and strike fear into out of control juveys and jay walkers everywhere - at least untill they start calling you Judge Twat.

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